We’re Wild (Giant)

Wild Giant

We’re a Cairns based creative studio – story obsessed geeks who love collaborating with brands and people to realise their full potential through the use of creative storytelling in both film & content strategy. We’re driven by our desire to create content that invokes an emotional, tangible connection to the viewer.

Because we’re personally invested in the content we create, we strive to ensure you’re reaching the full potential of your marketing efforts to reach your audience. We work with you to find achievable goals (or not so achievable goals, we love a challenge) to help you effectively market to reach them.

We achieve this by creating a strategy that encompasses the goals you’re trying to achieve with the content we create.

Then we monitor, measure and track those goals for you and report on the impact of our content. We do this because we believe the best way to build a real relationship with the people who truly matter to your business is not just listen to them – but also respond to them.

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Hey there,I'm Samuel Brooks.

A story obsessed geek who’s been using my skills to tell stories that: inspire, delight, move and impact people.

Whoever your audience is, I want to help you connect with them in a way that leaves a lasting impact, on a more emotional level.

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