The Challenge

AB Constructions were looking to establish themselves in a heavily saturated industry – Carpentry & Home Improvement. ABC came to us as a new business, with the intention of becoming the go-to build team for your next project, big or small.

ABC also had their largest project yet coming up – Hart Units, 11 units being framed by the ABC team. We knew this would be a fantastic opportunity to establish a connection with clients through film to connect them with the people behind ABC.

Brand Identity + Logo Design + Digital Design + Photography + Videography

The Thinking

We wanted to strike the perfect balance of modern design while embracing the gritty textures involved with any construction project and delivered on a design we feel does exactly that and establishes a clear identity for the company going forward.

Ready to bring your next project or ideato life?

Screenshot of a website on both a mobile and desktop

Burn Functional Fitness Rebrand

Mockup of Whipbears website on both mobile and desktop