The Challenge

Gym junkies, Simon and Nadine joined forces to create the ultimate fitness clothing line to help fill a gap in the market – providing a workout wardrobe for people who might not fit generic shapes and sizes.

“We want to cater for the dad that goes to soccer or the mum that goes to netball,” said Nadine. “A lot of active wear clothing is designed and made for models. It’s not designed and made for everyday people. But the biggest thing is the quality.”

Website Development

The Thinking

Simon and Nadine needed an online space where they could combine their fitness class signups with a focus on their clothing line products.

To take a little admin out of their lives we integrated a class signup Calendar that can manage and process the payments of members.

This allowed Nadine and Simon to setup their available times for classes and let the Calendar take care of the rest.

See the new Whipbear website

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AB Constructions

Screenshot of a website on both a mobile and desktop

Burn Functional Fitness Rebrand